Do you love the world of childbirth and babies?

Do you love helping others prepare for birth and parenthood? Learn the skills that make childbirth education classes fun and dynamic. Whether you are new to the field, or an experienced educator who is looking for ways to spice up their classes, our program is for you.

Start a career you’ll love

Certification from Lamaze International is the most respected and recognized credential in childbirth education certification. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing you have made an impact on a families birth experience by helping them prepare for their big day. Our program provides you with the tools and skills necessary to teach families in your community how to have the healthiest birth possible.


Totally Customizable for your life

Some of us are great at self study and some need a bit more guidance. We offer 2 program options so you can choose what best fits your life AND your budget!

Jennifer Rogers and Stefanie Antunes

Amazing Faculty

Jennifer Rogers and Stefanie Antunes, program directors extraodinaire, will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to be the best educator you can be!


Exceptional support

Exceptional Support

Exceptional support is key. Your program directors will guide you in a way that suits your learning needs. Group program participants receive one to one mentorship, as well as peer support as they work towards their pathway to certification.